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[Update] Game of Thrones Winter is Coming New Update 12/15

Dear Lords,

The game will close for a maintenance at 03:00 AM, 15/12/2020 (server time), it will take around 4 hours.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to enter the game. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We will send compensation to your mail after the maintenance.


1. New Features

- Added extra rewards in Expedition Beyond and Elite Trial event for Royal Lords and Ladies to claim. 

2. Alliance Conquest Related

- Participants of Ultimate Conquest can also join the Prediction session at the beginning of the season.

- Improved compatibility of the Ultimate Conquest Prediction screen for 2k and 4k resolution. 

- Improved descriptions and UI experience of different screens of Ultimate Conquest.

- For reserving sufficient time between registration and display of matchup result. Ultimate Conquest will start its registration session at the end of Alliance Conquest (Sunday 00:00). The matchup result and time bracket will be displayed on the upcoming Tuesday.

- Improved obtainable items from the prediction exchange shop.

- Starting from season 6, each Alliance Conquest regular season will consist of 6 instead of 8 matches. The Winner’s Reward will only require 3 wins instead of 5 to achieve.

- The top 16 alliances of each league, instead of the top 32, will be able to enter the Ultimate Conquest.

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes

- Fixed the display issue of descriptions in chat screen.

- Fixed the display issue of sources of bonus in battle logs under certain languages.

- Fixed the display issue of starting rallies not shown in the list in Army of the Dead event.

- Fixed some other minor bugs.

GoT Winter is Coming Team