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[Update] Game of Thrones Winter is Coming New Update 10/10

Update Time:

2020/10/10 11:00-15:00 GMT+8

2020/10/10 03:00-07:00 Server Time


1. New Features

- Added New “Siege of Winterfell” Event. Royal Lords and Ladies will need to register in alliance, occupying buildings on the field and secure the objective from Winterfell to obtain points and achieve the victory. Royal Lords and Ladies will be able to check for more information in “Cross-server Page”.

2. Improvements

- Improved the layout of the main screen’s icons at top and display of pop-up screens.

- Improved Reset feature in Refinement system. Royal Lords and Ladies can choose the wanted bonus in the bonus list and the pop-up window will only be displayed when attempting to reset from the wanted bonus.

- Improved the descriptions in “Wedding” System to inform Royal Lords and Ladies about issue like enhancement of wedding rings, Couple skills and switch between Single and Married status.

- The quests and rewards of the events in top right of the main screen: “Resources Gathering”, ”Raising an army”, ”Expedition against Rebel Leaders”,” Best effort”, etc. has been moved into the latest daily event in Benefit menu.

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes

- Fixed the issue that ranking score was displayed incorrectly in Alliance Trials.

- Fixed the issue that unable to add other Royal Lords and Ladies as protector.

- Fixed the issue that the name of material required was incorrectly displayed in Awaken system.

- Fixed the issue that Duke Icon overlaps with display of Kingdom number in chat.

- Fixed some other minor bugs.