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[Update] Game of Thrones Winter is Coming New Update 04/16

Dear Lords,

The game will close for a maintenance at 03:00 AM, 16/04/2021 (server time), it will take around 4 hours.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to enter the game. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We will send compensation to your mail after the maintenance.


1. New Features 

- New commander: Patelo.

- Added "Active Skill" icon in "More" at the bottom of the main screen. Royal Lords and Ladies can now easier to access their active skills.

2. Improvements

- Improved Badge Preset function, applying the preset will now first unequip all of the badges, then equip badges according to the preset.

- Improved and integrated some of the event icons. Location of some of the events have been changed.

- Improved Siege of Winterfell Event, reduced stuttering issues and improved battle performance. 

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue that no window pop-up when claiming multiple tier rewards at the same time in Recruitment pass.

- Fixed issue that some of the forbidden zone in Champion City Siege was available for teleport.

- Fixed some other minor bugs.

GoT Winter is Coming Team