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New Season of Alliance Conquest: Check Out the New Rules!

The long-awaited season 5 of Alliance Conquest, which is the first Alliance Conquest that has both Regular Season and Playoffs (Ultimate Conquest), kicks off on August 5, 2020 (Match Day). All alliances will be divided into 3 leagues after the match countdown is finished. The main changes are on the battlefield and rewards for Regular Season; the new double-elimination tournament, betting system, and new rewards will be introduced in the Ultimate Conquest. Check out below the detailed rules (promotion & demotion) and set up a strategy to defeat your opponents.

*This IMPORTANT article might take 5 minutes to read.

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The Alliance Conquest Regular Season will last for 4 weeks with 2 matches each week, and the Playoffs (Ultimate Conquest) will last for 5 weeks with 2 matches every week. Take a look at the schedule.


[Initial League Division]

Participating Alliances will be split into 3 different leagues when the match countdown of the first match is finished. The top 32 Alliances in each league will qualify to participate in Ultimate Conquest.

1. All alliances will be ranked and divided into 3 leagues according to their Alliance Power. The top 250 alliances will be placed into the Super League, ranks 251-800 will be placed into the A League, and ranks 800+ will be placed into B League.

2. Points will be calculated differently in each of the 3 leagues. The higher an Alliance's ranking is, the more Initial Points they will receive.

*Important notice: Alliances who do not register for the first match of AC will start competing from the B League.


[League Promotion & Demotion Rules]

At the beginning of the season, all alliances are divided into 3 leagues based on their Alliance Power. By the end of the season, the leagues will be adjusted according to Alliance performance during that season. The League Promotion & Demotion Rules are as follows:

1. Super League: Alliances that rank in the bottom 50 in the AC will be demoted to the A League the next season;

2. A League: Alliances that rank in the top 50 in the AC will be promoted to the Super League the next season, and the bottom 50 Alliances will be demoted to B League;

3. B League: Alliances that rank in the top 50 in the AC will be promoted to the A League in the next season. All other Alliances will remain in this league.


[Ultimate Conquest Exclusive]

a. Match Rules

The Ultimate Conquest (UC) roster will be confirmed and the top 32 Alliances of each league will enter their league's UC segment when the last match of the Regular Season is finished, and players on the roster can only represent that Alliance in UC.

*Important notice: Players that join another alliance will be unable to participate in UC. Players that leave in the middle of the season but rejoin the same alliance during the UC preparation phase will be able to participate. Please think twice before you change alliances.

b. Match Time Slots

To ensure that both sides will be able to participate in the match at somewhat ideal times, alliance leaders or officials should select and rank 3 ideal match time slots before the Round 1 of UC (if no time slots are selected before the countdown, the system will randomly allocate 3 time slots).

The system will select the most suitable match time for both alliances according to the time slots they selected.

c. New Double-Tournament

Ultimate Conquest uses a double-elimination model. For the first match, the winning Alliances will enter the winners bracket, and the losing Alliances will enter the losers bracket. In subsequent matches, Alliances that lose in the winners bracket will enter the losers bracket, while Alliances that lose in the losers bracket will be eliminated. The Finals will pit the final winning Alliance of the winners bracket and the final winning Alliance of the losers bracket against each other to determine the champion.

d. Competition Prediction Event

During the period of UC, all players that cannot participate in UC can participate [Competition Prediction Event] and get a chance to win awesome rewards. The rewards are based on how many accurate predictions you made. More details about this event will be revealed later.

e. Rewards

Detailed information about the rewards will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

[Changes in the battlefield]

1. City Transfer Limitations

You will be unable to transfer your city 30 minutes after the battle begins.

2. Attribute Changes

During Alliance Conquest, participating members can change their DRAGON'S attribute bonuses at any time. (This rule is corrected by devs, the description and translation in-game will be updated soon.)

3. Lannister/Targaryen Stronghold

The regiment from Lannister/Targaryen Stronghold will automatically attack locations occupied by the enemy (*the regiment size is based on the occupant's highest rally size, and the troops are based on the occupant's highest unlocked troop tier, regiment bonus is 50% of the occupant's bonus). The occupant can adjust the order in which the regiment will attack enemy buildings on the building screen.

Polish your armors and sharpen your weapons for the upcoming battle! More information about Ultimate Conquest (including the new double-eliminate tournament, competition prediction event, and rewards) will be revealed soon. If you have any suggestions or questions about the rules, please feel free to leave your comments!