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Join the Autumnfest Event on R2 Games!




As the autumn season approaches, R2 Games is delighted to introduce an exciting event that promises an abundance of rewards for our dedicated gaming community. Known for our extensive collection of browser-based games, R2 Games continues to be a leading platform in the gaming industry, providing players with a wide array of free-to-play titles alongside a premium monthly subscription service for an enhanced gaming experience.

Running until September 22nd, our Autumnfest event features a range of thrilling opportunities for players to claim enticing in-game items and enhancements across various titles.

Event Highlights:

1. Great Harvest:

· Players can redeem a gift code every 24 hours for esteemed titles including 8 Ball Master, Crystal Saga, Mythos Online, and SSR Summoners.

2. Autumn Gift Pack Fest:

· Enjoy a spectacular giveaway of free gift packs for 8 Ball Master, Crystal Saga, and Mythos Online, enhancing your gaming adventures.

3. Limited-Time R2 Points Redeem:

· Exchange your hard-earned R2 points for valuable recharge gift packs in 8 Ball Master, Crystal Saga Idle, and Mythos Online.

4. Exclusive German and French Language Offers:

· German players can seize gift packs for Dark Odyssey and League of Angels, while our French-speaking players can relish a gift pack for the latter.

5. Points Exchange Page:

· Navigate to the Weekly section of the Points Exchange Page, choose your preferred game, and acquire fantastic gift packs. These packs, valued at $4.99 each, are available for 100,000 points for regular users and 50,000 points for those with a monthly pass.

6. Premium Game Offerings:

· As an added bonus, players can acquire premium games Ezaron Defense, Mulite Sword Man, and Broken Blades for a mere single point each, as opposed to their standard prices of 8000, 7000, and 4000 points respectively.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Head over to the R2 Games Autumnfest event page now and start reaping the rewards before September 22nd.