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Game of Thrones Winter is Coming New Update 11/30

Update Time:

2021/11/30 11:00-15:00 GMT+8

2021/11/30 03:00-07:00 GMT

1.New Features

- Added New Event: “Ultimate Tournament”. The event is scheduled to start from 2021.11.29. To participate in the event will need to meet the requirements below: The current Kingdom has existed for over 40 days, Castle Level over level 20. Please stay tuned for more details of the new event.

- Awakening will be available for Commander “Robert” and “Kevin” in 2021.11.19.

2. Improvements

- Improved gameplay of “Siege of Winterfell” event. The map has been redesigned and improvement of display effect of health bar was attempted.

- Improved display of battle reports’ Win/Lose status.

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug fixed

- Fixed incorrect window was displayed after clicking buffs in Sept of the Seven.

- Fixed some other minor bugs.

GoT Winter is Coming Team