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1. Can I play the game on my phone?

    Our game is a browser game, so it is only available via browser.

2. How can I change language in game?

    Please click in the top-left corner of the main screen to access the language switching menu.

3. Can the game be compatible with 32 bit systems?

    No. The game is not compatible with computers with 32 bit systems. Please try with other devices.

4. I‘ve completed the questionnaire but I didn't receive the rewards. Why?

    If you donn't receive survey rewards, please wait and check your mailbox. There's a delay before the reward being delivered. 

5. The materials in packs in Great Discount are insufficient.

    The special offer material packs have several tiers each, the number of chests increases as the tier rises. The detailed list of items in each pack is listed clearly in the ""Details"" button. Please check carefully before purchasing.

6. I can't type in game.

    Please make sure to click on the text field before typing. If that doesn't work, please close the game completely and launch it again.