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Resource Buildings: Farmland Lumberyard, Quarry, Mine, Mint


Farmlands, Lumberyards, Quarries, Mines and Mints can be used to produce Grain, Wood, Stone, Iron and Gold Dragons respectively.

Upgrading the various buildings will increase their respective resource production and capacities. If the relevant Resource Capacity has already reached its limit, then that type of Resource Building will stop production.

Friendly reminder: Upgrading Mints can also increase the Barracks' Training Speed.


Manpower Resource Buildings: Barracks, Hospital


Barracks: All types of troops can be trained at the Barracks. Constructing or upgrading the Barracks increases the number of soldiers trained by each class.

Hospital: Hospitals endeavor to save the lives of wounded soldiers. Troops that are injured while gathering, stationed (or garrisoned) or reinforcing will be sent to the Hospital for treatment. 60% of the soldiers who are injured on territorial campaigns or fighting in armies (Attack, Rally, Castle Siege, Castle Reinforcement, etc.) will be sent to the Hospital.


Government Buildings: Castle, City Wall, Shetter, Rookery, Maester’s Tower, Hall of War, Embassy, Blacksmith, Market, Dungeons, Sept of the Seven


Castle (fixed): The Castle is the center of your territory. It's where the Lord lives and is the basis of construction and military operations. Upgrading your Castle raises the level cap for other buildings and unlocks more Marching Queues, new buildings and other functions. (Resource Building levels can be higher than the Castle Level before Lv. 5)

You can view each Resource's Production and your troops' Grain Consumption in the Castle Information. Upgrading the Castle can increase your army size, Commander positions, March positions and number of Alliance help requests.

City Wall (fixed): The City Wall can protect your territory. Defending Commanders can be stationed there, and you can construct fortifications to fend off enemies. When walls take damage, their durability will be reduced and craftsmen will automatically commence repairs. Upgrading the City Wall increases its maximum Durability and Fortifications capacity.

Warehouse (fixed): If an enemy defeats you, the Warehouse will ensure that a portion of your resources are not taken. The more you upgrade your Warehouse, the more resources it can protect.

Rookery (fixed): The Rookery will tell you when your territory or (garrisoned) camps are attacked, scouted or receive a delivery/reinforcements. An upgraded Rookery can provide more detailed scout reports. (When your Rookery reaches Lv. 25, you can tap the Prepare for Battle button to quickly enhance your territory. This also decreases the enemy's Army Attack in City Defense battles.)

If you're another player's Protector, you will be notified when the target of your protection comes under attack.

Maester's Tower: The Maester's Tower provides all kinds of technology. Researching different technology will grant different effects. Upgrading the Maester's Tower increases Research Speed, which reduces the time needed to research new technology.

Hall of War: The Hall of War is where the Lord can participate in Alliance Rallies and Expeditions. Upgrading the Hall can increase Rallied Magnitude (armies participating in the Rally will inherit all attributes from the Initiator, including: Commander, Knowledge, Enhancement, Lord Equipment, Lord Talent, Castle Blessing, Wall of Faces Blessing, etc.).

Embassy: The bustling Embassy can be used to host allied reinforcements. Upgrading Embassies increases their reinforcement capacity and army size (reinforcement upkeep is provided by the Lord that sent them).

Blacksmith: The Blacksmith enables forging of Lord Equipment and material crafting. You will unlock a second Accessory slot at Lv. 17 and a third Accessory slot at Lv. 25.

Market: The Market is used for the transportation of resources between Alliance members. Upgrading the Market increases transportation capacity and reduces transport taxes. Your transport Marching Speed will be increased by 100% when the Market reaches Lv. 25.

Dungeons: The Dungeons are used to hold captured Lords of Castle Lv. 10 or higher. Once your Castle reaches Lv. 17, you can execute enemy Lords whose Castles are Lv. 17 or higher. The higher a captured Lord's level, the more time it will take to execute them. Upgrading the Dungeons reduces execution time. You will receive bonus effects while an enemy Lord is imprisoned once your Dungeons reach Lv. 25.

Wall of Faces: Sending enemy Lords here and offering them to the Many-Faced God will activate the Gift of the Many-Faced God, granting a blessing enhancement for a certain time. Upgrading the Wall of Faces can improve the enhancements. Sending a Lord to the Wall of Faces will grant a day-long blessing. The more enemy Lords you offer, the longer your Blessing time will be.


Special Building: Weirwood Tree, Training Grounds, Merchant Ship, Iron Bank, Merchant Guild


Weirwood Tree: You can obtain Commander Medals and Spoils at the Weirwood Tree. You can spend Spirit of the Weirwood Tree to start a trial and match different skills and types of Commanders.

Training Grounds: At the Training Grounds, players can select 6 Commanders to learn from each other's skills. Battles at the Training Grounds are automatic. You cannot manually execute skills. If the defender's ranking is higher than the attacker's, after you win the challenge, the ranking will be adjusted. You can obtain Training Grounds Diamonds as rewards for placing within a certain ranking range. A reward will be issued once every 3 hours. You have 5 free challenges per day at the Fighting Pits. You can spend Diamonds to buy more challenges. The Fighting Pits also have bonus Blessings that change at regular intervals, providing the Commander with either a bonus or a penalty. You can change your Commander and Formation according to your current Blessing to get the greatest benefits.

Shelter: You can send your territory's Army and Lord into the Shelter. When enemies strike, your Army and Lord in the Shelter won't be attacked (the Shelter's capacity and time are both limited).

Merchant Ship: The Merchant Ship will bring all kinds of goods that you can obtain through bartering. Each batch of goods will appear for 6 hours before being removed, after which a new batch of goods will appear. You can also lock goods. Locked, unredeemed goods won't be changed.

Iron Bank: The Iron Bank is an investment institution founded in Westeros by moneylenders from Essos. Lords may invest Diamonds in the Iron Bank and receive a return in due course. Upgrading the Iron Bank increases the amount you can invest and interest rate bonuses.

Merchant Guild: You can auction off Spoils earned from Rebel Camps at the Merchant Guild. Each Lord can deposit a maximum of 3 Spoils at the Merchant Guild at a time. Each time you can auction off only 1 Spoils item, and the auction times for all the Spoils are different. If you have already deposited 3 Spoils at the Merchant Guild, you will not be able to deposit any more. Once Spoils have been auctioned for a certain period of time, they will be auctioned off for another item, which you can then claim.