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Awaken Your Commanders and Unleash the Skills!

Have you ever wondered what else your commanders can do after reaching golden quality? The Awakening system, which is available on September 17th, will allow commanders to obtain new skills and buffs to help you perform better in both battlefields and internal city affairs. Convert the extra commander medals into the tokens that you need and accomplish the requirements to awaken your commanders and release the skills! Check below for more details.

Entrance: Click the “Awakening” tab on the commander panel.

Awaken a Commander and Unlock New Skills
There are five commanders in the first batch that are available to be awakened: Seg, Soren, Chirs, Laena Waters, and Annie. After awakening, each of them will have a new skill and provide different buffs. Take Annie and Soren as an example. After skills being fully activated and enhanced, Annie will be able to unlock a new skill “Hurricane of Wisdom” which will directly defeat 3% of the enemy’s troops (defeated troops cannot exceed 3% of your currently-deployed troops) when casting an Active Army Skill, and Soren will help obtain 100% extra resources from Gathering.

More commanders will be available in future updates. Stay tuned.

Enhance and Activate Skills in Awakening
Before you can go enhance and activate the first skill of a commander in Awakening, you should meet the following requirements: clear Weirwood Tree Trial 5-1, own a certain number of this commander tokens and have a golden commander quality.

There are four tiers of skills/buffs to activate for each commander, as the four stars in the panel suggest. When activating and levelling up a skill in Tier 1, the commander should be in Tier 1, and the previous skills are activated already and the required number of Book of Wisdom is enough. Book of Wisdom can be dropped randomly from Level 4 and Level 5 Rebel Camps, and be purchased in Diamond Shop.

Obtain Tokens to Enhance and Activate the Commanders
To enhance or activate the commanders, special tokens are required. There are two kinds of tokens available—General Tokens and Commander Tokens (with a shield on the left corner of the token). General Tokens, including different types like Elite General Token and Epic General Token, can be used to convert into different commander medals respectively in a 1:1 ratio.

You can convert the EXTRA commander medals into the general tokens in a certain ratio as long as you have. Once your commanders have reached golden quality and you have extra medals of those commanders, you can use the medals to convert into general tokens. Don’t forget that you can obtain commander medals in Weirwood Tree Trials.

Plus, you can obtain general tokens directly through different ways like VIP Shop, Amethyst Shop, Westeros Pass, and Weirwood Memories. You can check out all the general tokens and commander tokens that you have and convert them in the Inventory tab in Commander Panel.
Friendly reminder: The Weirwood Memories starts on September 18th.

*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the change of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.