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Album Collection: Relive the GOT Storyline and Increase Power!

Is there any other way to relive the storyline of Game of Thrones without watching the whole series or challenging the Weirwood Tree Trials in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming? The Album Collection event, which helps evoke memories of the eight seasons while you complete tasks to collect pictures, unlock albums and gain buffs, will be introduced in the latest update in-game. Read on to learn more about Album Collection. 


Requirement: Players with Castle level 6 or above

Entrance: Click on the icon ”Album Collection” beside “Inventory” to access the event.

Relive the Storyline

From Death of Jon Arryn and Princess in Exile to an Empty Throne and Birth of Dragons, the season 1 album picks 10 memories for all of us. 

There are eight albums in total and one album for each season. Every album is made of 10 photos, and the 10 shards of each photo are scattered in different events in-game. There is also a chance to obtain a FULL photo instead of photo shards if you’re lucky. 

Obviously, there are spoilers in-game if you haven’t watched season 1 yet. And there will be more spoilers to come as more memories of different seasons become available in-game, as well as remembrances. 


How to Unlock Photos and Albums

Each photo belongs to a specific album, and you must collect the required photo shards unlock the photos and then to unlock the album. Different photo shards and Full Photo can be obtained through various events, say Events in Benefits panel and Westeros Navigator. 

Note: There are only 5 common photos available when the feature is introduced in game, with more to open in the next updates. And you have a chance to obtain photo shards in Treasure Seeker when it’s available next time.


How to Trade Photo Shards

You can trade photo shards with friends or alliance members by clicking on the empty shard slot. You can select up to 4 shards as additional options, and request 1 trade for 1 photo shard. Each trade quest will expire in 30 minutes. Photo shards of different qualities and FULL Photo items cannot be traded. 

2-trade shards.png

How to Gain Buffs

Unlocking a photo will grant you stats and power bonuses, and unlocking certain amounts of photos in an album will grant you an extra bonus. Photos are divided into common photos and limited photos, and the latter grants better buffs than the former. 

Albums can be upgraded to receive more stats and improve power by using photo shards. You can only use photo shards that belong to an album to upgrade that album. Using 1 common photo shard grants 1 album EXP while 1 limited photo shard grants 2 album EXP.

3-Album Upgrade.png

4-Album Bonuses.png


Join us to collect photo shards, unlock albums, and relive the storyline of GOT! 

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.